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Guided Rock Climbing

Whos it for?

  • Those who want to climb a specific route.

  • Climbers wanting to experience and enjoy the classic lines of the UK.

  • You’re wanting to get lots of climbing done with the safety and knowledge of a guide.

  • Those after climbing great routes but are unsure of where to head.


Whats Involved?

Have you got a route you’re desperate to climb? or maybe you’re wanting to make your way through Ken Wilsons Classic Rock routes? whatever it is, we can help you achieve your goals. The only agenda on our guided days is yours. Tell us what you would like and head out with someone who really knows the mountains and all the best climbing. Build a relationship with us and we can help you achieve your long term aspirations. Link up classic routes in the Lake District, spend a day on the sea cliffs in North Wales or head the the most remote crags in the country, the options for our guided rock climbing days are limitless. 

What will I need?

We will provide all technical equipment, but if you have your own harness, helmet and rock boots, please bring them along. You'll also need a good level of fitness as climbing can be physically demanding and may sometimes involve a substantial walk to get to the best locations. Its worth it though!  

Please view our Kit Lists for more information. 


As many days as you would like on dates to suit you. 


£190 per day 1:1 Ratio

£210 per day 1:2 Ratio

5% discount for bookings more than 2 days. 


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