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Guided Scrambling & Mountaineering 

Whos it for?

  • You have a specific mountaineering objective.

  • Those wanting an experience covering lots of exciting mountaineering terrain. 

  • Those who don't want to take the "normal" route to the top.

Whats Involved?

There are some incredible mountaineering objectives in the UK from ascending the impressive Pinnacle ridge in the Lake District, to a full traverse of the iconic Cullin Ridge on the Isle of Skye. Head out with someone who really knows the mountains and can help you achieve those mountaineering goals, whether they are short or long term. We can guide you over thrilling mountain terrain, linking up classic scrambles and filling you with confidence and improving your competence. Become engrossed in the adventure that Lake District and UK mountaineering has to offer. 


What will I need?

We will provide all technical equipment. You'll need a good pair of stiff mountain boots and if you have your own harness and helmet, please bring them along. Scrambling can be physically demanding and may involve a substantial walk to get to the best locations, so you'll also need a good level of fitness.

Please view our Kit Lists for more information. 


As many days as you would like on dates that suit you.


£190 per day 1:1 Ratio

£210 per day 1:2 Ratio

5% discount for bookings more than 2 days.


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