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Whos it for?

  • Complete beginners. 

  • Anyone wanting to improve their navigation and develop techniques. 

  • Those wanting to develop independence walking in the hills. 

Whats involved?

Learn about what it takes to navigate through mountain terrain. Wherever you’re currently at, we can help you develop your skills and become self reliant in the hills. Exploring the basics such as map orientation, simple compass use and contour interpretation, will help build good foundations for moving onto skills including navigating in poor visibility, navigation strategies and relocating yourself. There is so much to learn, and whether you’re are starting from scratch, building on previous knowledge or preparing for a Mountain Training assessment, we want you to feel confident in your abilities and able to take yourself anywhere. 

What will I need?

Being in the mountains can be physically demanding, so you'll  need a good level of fitness. You'll also need to be suitably dressed and have appropriate kit. Please view our Kit Lists for further details


1-3 Days

All our courses run on a date and time to suit you.


£175 per day (currently up to six people)


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